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Shooting Programs

Image for page Shooting AK-47
Shooting AK-47

Shoot the legendary AK-47, Kalashnikov!

Image for page Shooting Bronze
Shooting Bronze

Experience three legendary rifles, Pump Action Shotgun and Soviet AK47 against US M4

Image for page Shooting S.W.A.T
Shooting S.W.A.T

Shoot with three modern fire arms, used by elite counter terrorism units.

Image for page Shooting Silver
Shooting Silver

Test your marksmanship with two of the most infamous handguns and 3 legendary rifles.

Image for page Shooting Big Guns
Shooting Big Guns

Looking for large caliber and recoil? Then this is your perfect shooting package.

Image for page Shooting Gold
Shooting Gold

56 shots, 7 weapons - a range of firearms for all situations, from close quarter combat to deadly accurate, long distance shooting.

Image for page Shooting Soviet
Shooting Soviet

Experience 7 Soviet firearms at their best, from close quarter combat weapons to deadly accurate, long distance sniper rifles. with 56 shots total.

Image for page Shooting Platinum
Shooting Platinum

102 shots, 14 weapons - the full monty! Our ultimate Shooting package including all kind of guns.

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