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Shooting Big Guns

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Shooting Big Guns

4 large weapons, 35 shots

Ruger P90DC | Barak B99 | AK-74 | Degtyaryov DP-27

Looking for large caliber and recoil? Then this is your perfect shooting package. The big guns program combines 4guns from different weapon types. Starting with the Ruger in caliber 45, followed by the Ak74 with it deadly projectiles.the biggest recoil comes with the Barack semi automatic shotgun, try to make impenetrable barrage fire. And the highlight on the end is the WWII machine-gun Degtyaryov DP-27 slang named "Record Player" due to the disc-shaped magazine on top. A shooting program for real strong men or women, loving powder smell. 

Possible upgrades:
  • Welcome and registration
  • Safety briefing and weapon handling instruction
  • Ruger P90 DC pistol - 10 shots
  • AK-74 assault rifle - 10 shots
  • Barak B99 Semi auto shotgun - 10 shots
  • Degtyaryov DP-27 machine-gun - 5 shots
  • Professional, friendly english speaking instructor
  • Your target as souvenir
Price per person:

2.400 CZK

Individual prices are not valid for large Groups. Please contact us for more information.

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More information about the programme
Further information:
  • Total duration: approximately 1 hours
  • Availability: All year round (during daylight hours).
  • Spectators are not permitted during this event.
  • This program is not suitable for people with heart and blood circulation problems.
  • All youth shooters, (12 up to 17 years) must be accompanied by an adult
Possible upgrades:
  • Supplement your experience with one of our many other complementary programs
  • Tank Driving
  • Quad bike driving
  • Order a video and become the hero of your own action movie!
  • Offroad Action cap 
  • Transfer Prague - Shooting-range - Prague
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RUGER P90DC semi automatic pistol is a scaled-up version of the P89 chambered in .45 ACP with an investment cast aluminum alloy frame. It was introduced in 1991 as the company's first attempt at a .45 ACP pistol, and was in direct competition with SIG Sauer's P220, Smith & Wesson's 4500 series, and to a lesser extent Glock's G21 that came out the same year. The P90 is considered to have above-average accuracy for its price and is surprisingly light due of the upper aluminium frame. It can fit 8+1 bullets in the magazine and was produced until 2010.

AK-74 "Kalashnikov assault rifle model 1974") is a Russian assault rifle. Essentially a rechambered AKM, it was designed to take the then-new 5.45x39 cartridge. The AK-74 was designed in the early 1970s to replace the AKM in service, which it eventually did. The standard model differs visually from the AKM in having a prominent, cylindrical flash hider/compensator attached to the muzzle and a broad groove in the stock. Production stopped in 1991. We have both the AK-74 and the short barrel AKS-74U. 

BARAK BR 99 – is a magazine fed 12 gauge semi automatic shot gun that is multi choke and chambered for 3 inch cartridges. 24" Barrel. Designed for tactical use it sports picatiny rails and swivels fitted as standard. Original build in Turkey, it has the look of a M16 due of the carrying handle and rear sight assembly on top of the receiver. And the AK-47 due of the large round magazine in AK style. The weapon has a big recoil but is relatively light with only 3.6kg weight.

Degtyaryov machine gun DP-27 has been the main light machine gun of the Sowjet army and as well used by the Chinese in WWII  and the Vietcong in the Vietnam-war. using the 7.62x54R it has been reliable but the main shortcoming was the disc magazine on top and the low rate of fire. The plate magazine has been exchanged with a metallic-belt fed version adopted in 1946 with a heavier barrel to allow prolonged sustained fire. About 500 rounds could be fired continuously before the barrel had to be swapped or allowed to cool down. Also had a user-adjustable gas system, with three holes of varying diameters provided, to cope with varying environmental conditions and residue buildup. Although the empty weight of the RP-46 exceeded that of DP-27 by 2.5 kg, when considered together with a single ammo box of 250 rounds, the RP-46 weighed 10 kg less than the DP together with the same amount of ammunition in DP pans. Replaced in the 60ies in the red army it is still seen on the worlds battlefields.

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