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The Battlefield

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The battlefield, groups from 10 persons

As in the computer game "Battlefield" you and your friends can dive into adrenaline boosted action close to Prague.
After a short welcome you get your complete protective equipment and a safety instruction. Then you are off into action... Magfed is giving you a touch of realism due of the look of the weapons and the limited amount of shoots in the magazines. so you can be forced to change mag's in the worst moment. It is an adrenaline pumped game which strengthens team spirit and requires fast decisions in tense situations. There are many game scenarios we guide you trough and many options to spice up the program. From simple smoke grenades up to a machine-gun giving you a decisive additional amount of firepower....

But the highlights are coming on the end.... get transported into the last tank battle by a BMP armoured personal carrier... fight it out and finish the Czech battlefield experience on our shooting range. There you exchange your Magfed gun with a real M4 assault rifle. Who will be the best sniper?

Program includes:
  • Welcome & registration
  • 3 hours Magfed paintball, different scenarios
  • unlimited paintballs
  • Hire of Magfed paintball equipment (gun, protective mask, goggles, overalls, gloves vest with pouches for mag's)
  • Friendly paintball instructors & match officials
  • Last mission with BMP infantry fighting vehicles bringing the groups into possition
  • 10 shots with the M4 assault rifle
Price per person / min 10:

2.500.- CZK

Individual prices are not valid for large Groups. Please contact us for more information.

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More information about the programme
Necessary Requirements:
  • Minimum group of 10 persons
  • Minimum 16 years of age
  • Good state of health
Further information:
  • Total duration: approximately 4-5 hours
  • Availability: All year round (during daylight hours).
  • Please wear comfortable outdoor clothing with good shoes suitable for the weather expected. Spare clothes are advisable in case you get dirty
  • Spectators are not allowed during this event
  • The organizer reserves the right to check all drivers on 0 alcohol level in the blood.
  • We do not recommend playing paintball when pregnant 
Possible upgrades:
  • Smoke grenades
  • Rent of machine-gun (bullets on consumption)
  • upgrade the battlefield transport from BMP to a real battle tank
  • Additional hour of play
  • Tank Driving BMP or battle tank 
  • Movie special effects during tankattacke (explosions smoke and shooting)
  • Upgrade to a bigger shooting program
  • Order a video and become the hero of your own action movie!
  • Delicious picknick high class or military style
  • Original Russian fur cap
  • Transfer from Prague to the area and back in our Land Rovers
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stands for magazine fed. A MagFed paintball marker is not your run of the mill weapon. Instead of a loader, the paintballs are loaded into magazines which feed the paintball marker similarly to how an actual gun is loaded. MagFed paintball markers can be outfitted with all sorts of attachments that make the play of paintball a lot more immersive and realistic.  The major differences to classic paintball are the type of paintball markers used and the pace of the matches. MagFed/Milsim matches tend to have a slower pace and emphasize more on objective based games rather than elimination.Replicas of real guns, we use Tippmann TMC, 19 round capacity MagFed magazines


Assault rifle M4

The M4 is based on the M16 and is the US military’s standard service rifle for many years, having seen service in the Vietnam War, Gulf war and Afghanistan. Chambered with 5.56 x 45mm it is in us in many Army's and Counter terrorism units. The US military versions are build by Colt and are still continuously further improved.


BMP1 infantry fighting vehicle

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