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stands for magazine fed. A MagFed paintball marker is not your run of the mill weapon. Instead of a loader, the paintballs are loaded into magazines which feed the paintball marker similarly to how an actual gun is loaded. MagFed paintball markers can be outfitted with all sorts of attachments that make the play of paintball a lot more immersive and realistic.  The major differences to classic paintball are the type of paintball markers used and the pace of the matches. MagFed/Milsim matches tend to have a slower pace and emphasize more on objective based games rather than elimination.Replicas of real guns, we use Tippmann TMC, 19 round capacity MagFed magazines


Assault rifle M4

The M4 is based on the M16 and is the US military’s standard service rifle for many years, having seen service in the Vietnam War, Gulf war and Afghanistan. Chambered with 5.56 x 45mm it is in us in many Army's and Counter terrorism units. The US military versions are build by Colt and are still continuously further improved.


BMP1 infantry fighting vehicle

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