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the semi automatic shotgun UTAS XTR-12 chambered 12 is used as a military and sportrifle. It became famous in the Terminator movie. Fast fire and this shotgun has a devastating power. Our Utas is equipped with Red dot sight and Laserpointer.

Skorpion Evo 3 (S1) chambered 9x19mm Parabellum is a modern submachinegun. Build by Česka zbrojovka it is very light and used by police and special forces worldwide. Easy to use, light and durable makes the weapon a hugh success. The "Evo" is equiped with a red dot sight for easy aiming. A great modern czech weapon.

The Pistol CZ P09  in 9 mm calibre have been developed in collaboration with armed forces from all over the world, with a focus on ease of operation, high accuracy even when shooting rapidly and absolute reliability. The results are first-rate SA/DA polymer pistols optimized for the most challenging operations of service life. It is one of the most modern polymere duty pistols in the world, build by Česka zbrojovka.

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